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Flatlander schreef op 21 mei 2019 om 16:20:

Did anyone attend the Annual meeting earlier this month? If so, any insights?

A lot of the comments on this board ring of impatience. Its easy to understand why since the share price has been in the doldrums and trade below where BCART IPO'd 4 years ago. I believe that circumstances are changing such that BCART will demonstrate profitability in late 2020. As importantly, they should have enough cash to get the company through to becoming profitable.

Ik verwacht in de komende 5 jaar geen serieuze netto winst.
Black Knight

I've invested in a couple companies in the molecular diagnostics space. About 20 years a go a small company called Vysis was spun out of AMOCO Oil an went public with a genomic testing product called FISH (Fluorocene IN-Situ Hybridization). It ended up being acquired by Abbot a couple years later after an approximate 10 fold gain. I sold out of GHDX and got authorized to trade on the Brussels exchange in order to buy into BCART. The common denominator is that each of these companies had a unique product and in each case there was slow initial uptake of their product. In each case the share price did not move appreciably until many technical articles had been published and physician testimonials were available. Often it takes a prestigious journal article to start getting some traction in the physician community. I see a similar trend in Idylla uptake.

However, to me it is apparent that the consoles that are sold are not going unused. if you divide the number of cartridges sold each half year by the number of consoles you can see that the average number of tests run per console are in increasing. I believe that indicates that the users are engaging and becoming familiar with the system. I think the OncoDX cartidge that should be on the market next year could be a killer ap! The test is already supported by the highly visible TailorX study results and that should pave the way for rapid adoption. Chemotherapy is not pleasant and has a lot of negative side affects. A fast assay that can be run at the point of biopsy that will help the woman make an informed decision on weather she can benefit from chemo will be well worth the costs.

So why do you believe serious net profit is more than 5 years out?

Beursblik: Kepler Cheuvreux verhoogt koersdoel Biocartis

K V Biocartis NV
11,60 0,04 0,35 % Euronext Brussel

(ABM FN) Kepler Cheuvreux heeft vrijdag het koersdoel voor Biocartis verhoogd van 15,70 naar 17,40 euro met een ongewijzigd koopadvies.

Biocartis heeft 150 miljoen euro opgehaald met de uitgifte van converteerbare obligaties, aldus Kepler. Omdat hiermee een perfecte brug wordt geslagen tussen de uitbreiding van het productaanbod en de periode die nodig is alvorens er omzet wordt gegenereerd, kan Biocartis zich vanaf nu volledig richten op de operationele zaken, meent Kepler.

Bovendien bieden de obligaties, indien succesvol, tal van mogelijkheden om toekomstige verwatering te beperken of te voorkomen.

Ondertussen lijken grote veranderingen in het aandeelhouderschap grotendeels voorbij, waardoor er geen additionele ‘overhang’ meer is, voegde Kepler toe.

Het aandeel Biocartis koerste vrijdag 0,7 procent hoger op 11,56 euro.

Door: ABM Financial News.
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